Build Your Value Proposition

Sharing with others what you do can be hard. The value proposition of your company, product or service REALLY matters.

Do your customers’ eyes glaze over when you share your value proposition?
Are investors not convinced?
Does your value proposition sound like it could belong to 5 other companies?
Are you struggling to put into words what your company is really good at?

If so, this Make My Value Proposition Sizzle™ Fest is for you!


Step 1: If you’re a biotech, medtech or life sciences company, fill out the application form below.
Step 2: I will review it to make sure we’re a fit and get back to you within 24 hours.
Step 3: If approved, I will send you a link to the secure page to process the $1,500 payment. If your application is not approved, I will email you and let you know why we’re not a fit.
Step 4: Once payment is processed, I will contact you to schedule our workshop.
Step 5: I will prepare for our workshop by researching your value proposition and those of your direct competitors.
Step 6: We will spend 2 hours together analyzing your strengths and unique benefits.
Step 7: After the workshop, I will draft up 2-4 versions of your value proposition for your review and also compile a list of recommendations based on things I have learned about your company and products or services.
Step 8: We will spend 1 hour together reviewing the value proposition drafts and recommendations and finalize the value proposition of your choice!

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The Sizzle Chef: Sandy Williams, PhD
Hi there, I am Sandy, a biomedical engineer+marketer and a veteran value proposition builder since 2005. I’ve helped biotech and medtech companies craft compelling value propositions for their products and services that secured them funding and helped them grow their revenue. And most importantly, what they had to say made sense to their investors and customers, stood out, and sizzled.


“Sandy’s experience and expertise are great! She spent over two hours truly understanding the product and services we provide. Her attention to detail in assessing the product and how it can impact the customers is exceptional. We have received a detailed value proposition report within 1 day. We highly recommend her services to the medtech industry.”

Hema Lakkaraju, Founder and CEO, HAYAG Corporation

Let’s propel your business forward and help you articulate how you’re better and different.

Are you ready to make your value proposition sizzle?

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